J.J. Abrams Is At It Again

What About Brian? is a new show on ABC, Monday night at 10. So far, there have been three episodes. Since TV allows me to avoid getting a life of my own, I'll try almost any show. (I even watched a few episodes of The Swan, just to give it a chance.)

I've been enjoying What About Brian? except for one plot line that just makes me want to burst. You see, there is this young married couple. In the picture to the right, they are the couple in the bottom left-hand corner. They have been married for thirteen years and have three young daughters. Apparently, Deena feels like she missed out on life because she's only slept with four men. She proposes to her husband that they should try an "open marriage." Dave, her husband, makes it pretty clear that he's not into that, but she insists and, at the end of last night's episode, she had sex with another man in the back of her mini-van!!!

I don't think I can keep watching because I can't handle the idea that this woman, who has a wonderful, loving husband, is willing to endanger her family just because she is dissatisfied with her SEX LIFE!!!
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