Famous One?

There is a song that we occasionally sing at church called "Famous One." It was written by Chris Tomlin, whose music I generally like. Here is the chorus:

"You are the Lord
The famous one, famous one, Great is Your name in all the earth
The heavens declare
You're glorious, glorious, Great is Your fame beyond the earth"

When we sign this, all I can think is, "Who cares if God is famous?!!!" Is fame now a positive character trait? Paris Hilton is famous...Is the paparazzi following God around now, forcing God's car off the road to get better pictures? God is certainly a bigger deal than Lindsay Lohan!

There are plenty of praise songs that I enjoy. They don't even have to be especially deep or profound for me to like them. Pump Rich Mullins Songs or Third Day Offerings and I'll be singing along at the top of my lungs in no time. Just cut out the nananas and the saying dumb things and the repeating the last line three times to conclude.

I admit that I'm cynical and maybe a little bit jaded. But, let's be serious...nanananana? NANANANANANA??!!

People tell me that some songs are just meant to be fun. Are fun and intelligence mutually exclusive? Shouldn't we use our minds in worship?

On a related topic: why are most worship services either contemporary or traditional? The Falls Church does a good job combining these two styles of worship, better than I have seen in any other church, but, combining generally means contemporary with a taste of tradition or traditional with a praise song thrown in. Let's get it together people...

Rant over.
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