Body and Mind

I've begun to realize in the past few weeks that my mind and my body are a perfect match. Some people are built for speed, some are built for endurance. I fall squarely into the second category. This is one of those things I've always known about my body and my mind as separate entities, but it wasn't until very recently that I understood how well my brain and my muscles fit together. As I said, I'm built for endurance, not speed.

Believe it or not, I sort of enjoy my slow 'n' steady, tortoise-like qualities. I may not be able to run a four minute mile, but I can walk a steady pace up and down mountain paths with a 40-pound pack for 10 hours straight. Perhaps I'm not the best at witty comebacks, but I have an attention span that boggles the imagination. I can concentrate on the same task for hours on end, without needing (or even wanting) a break.

Also, once I know something, I know it forever. It may take me a few more minutes to catch on, but my memory is like a steel trap. Sometimes I wish I didn't remember so many little assininities, but you'd be surprised how often the size of a curling rink comes up in conversation.

I feel like I've often (especially in high school) made friends with the sprinters. People who are busy busy busy all the time (Laura Hess ;o), racing from one activity to the next. Never content to just sit, but rather wanting to find some action.

Yet, in spite of the people around me, I am perfectly content to be a plodder, one who moseys along the path of life. All I need for a perfect Saturday is a good book that merits ten straight hours of reading or a lovely path through the wilderness that merits ten straight hours of walking or even a comfortable seat from which I can watch the hustle and bustle of the world go by me.

Try it some day...maybe you'll like it.
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