I'm always tired these days.
I'm sure it's a combination of not eating healthy food,
eating far too much,
and going from exercising almost every day
to never exercising at all.
I come up with all sorts of reasons (read "excuses")
for not going to the FREE gym,
but I know it's all unhealthy rationalization.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm afraid to really succeed.
I was well on my way to my goal weight...
but now I have lost half the ground I had gained.

I just have to go to the gym.
I just have to buy food to take for lunch instead of eating Subway or ABP or McDonald's every day.
I just have to cook for myself instead of eating out.
What's so hard about that?
It's not like I have all sorts of other valuable activities filling my time.

I'm not going to resolve to do anything.
I'm just going to do it.
Being tired is not something I'm going to do anymore!
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