Sweatin' the Small Stuff

We had choir practice tonight. Usually, it's on Thursday, but since we are singing at the Maundy Thursday service we had to practice tonight.

One of the women in our choir was concerned about an issue she considered of utmost importance. She was practically dancing in her seat it was weighing so heavily on her mind. Before Marv could get a word out, she dove into her question/request/demand(?).

"MARV! Should we talk about SHOOOOES??!!" Marv ignored her question and began rehearsal.

Later, before we rehearsed processing: "MARV! Can we talk about SHOOOOES!?!?"

At the end of rehearsal: "MARV! Should we talk about shoes? Can we just say BLACK, CLOSE-TOED?" *general murmurs of discontent and looks of disgust*

One fellow soprano protested, "I bought an outfit for Easter and it doesn't include black, close-toed shoes."

Marv's response was perfect! "You're all adults. I think you can choose appropriate shoes for an Easter service."

"NO FLIP-FLOPS, RIGHT?!!!" (Just a note: I'm the only choir member who ever wears flip-flops because I am the only choir member under the age of THIRTY!! but I would never even consider them a choice when we process, which we will be doing this Sunday.)

Anyway, I liked Marv's response. It is my sincere belief that if someone's worship experience is seriously affected by someone else's footwear, perhaps they need to refocus. Priorities, people!
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