I'm Going To Be Totally Emo...Right Now

There's this wonderful show on ABC, Sunday nights at 10 p.m., called Grey's Anatomy. If you're not already watching and completely addicted...you should be. It has lots of drama, plenty of sex, and George. George is a sweet, quiet, hard-working sort of guy. He's also cute, in a slightly dorky way. Since I love quiet, sweet, dorky guys, I am in love with George O'Malley. Since the beginning of the show, which has been on for almost two seasons, George has pined after the main character, Meredith Grey. One rainy night, they end up sleeping together. Meredith bursts into tears during their romp and George is heartbroken. Everyone on the show agrees that Meredith "broke" George, since she knew he was in love with her and she knew she was not in love with him, but she slept with him anyway. But now, wonder of wonders(!), George is moving on. He's dating a girl named Callie Torres. She's sort of tough, a little bit loud, and I LOVE HER!

On the most recent episode, in the very last scene, George kisses Callie. Generally, I am sort of squeamish about kissing and such on TV, but George kissing Callie just made my little heart so happy.

Now, before you start feeling vomitous about my ridiculoue TV obsession, let me explain why I am so happy for George. It's because I am George. I am the sweet, quiet, dorky girl that everyone thinks is terrific, but nobody (especially people of the opposite sex) really notices. BUT, Callie notices George and Callie is terrific. She sees all the things in george that make him a good man and it gives me hope that someday some man will notice all the qualities I possess that make me a good woman.

Don't get me wrong, my self-esteem doesn't rest on whether some man "sees" me. I'm pretty confident in myself and I've been told by many people that I am unusually resilient and well-adjusted. But that doesn't mean I don't long for a relationship and appreciate any encouraging indication that it's possible. I've done my fair share of pining and I look forward to the day that I have my own heart-stopping "first" kiss.
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