My New Habit?

Apparently, the running store near work is going to start having group runs on Wednesday evenings. Perhaps I will make this a weekly ritual - just a fun run near the harbor - nothing strenuous. Went with a friend tonight, she paid attention to her watch but I didn't. There was a glorious breeze and hardly any hills. A little over three easy miles. It felt great, except for the fact that the Brooks Ravenna's I tried rubbed the skin off the back of my right heel.

Track work in the morning. With the pile of chores I have to do in the evening, it's imperative that I get my run in tomorrow morning. I also have to drop my car off at the shop for some muffler work. Yippee! So, short post tonight, I'm off to sleep.

Good night!

In the meantime, enjoy some silliness...

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