Day 3 of No Elevators

The elevators in the building where I work didn't pass inspection. There's something wrong with the emergency brakes. Apparently, they work too well and the abrupt stop could cause injury. So, now we have to wait for the elevator to be repaired AND reinspected.

Did I mention that I work on the sixth floor of said building? I didn't? Well, now I have.

Over the past three days, I've been reminded again and again that climbing stairs and running are completely different activities. By the time I hit the fourth floor, my thighs are burning. My strategy so far has been to go slow and steady. I like to get it done but being sweaty at work is not so fun.

Every time I contemplate a trip to another floor, I spend some time thinking about whether the goal is worth the trip back up the stairs. Then I berate myself for being such a wuss about the stairs because, after all, I can run 15 miles, dammit!

Today, as lunchtime neared, I preened at my intelligent planning, thinking, "I'm so glad I brought my lunch today. No stairs!" Then, Karin said she was going to get Halal from the food cart permanently stationed a couple blocks away from our office. HALAL!!! The best $6 lunch that can be purchased in our neighborhood. I couldn't resist. Even the stairs didn't deter me.

As a bonus, on our way, we noticed that there was some music happening in the courtyard of an office building we had to pass to get the Halal. Turns out, it was a pretty good cover band playing pop rock hits of the past couple decades. The temperature wasn't unbearable and there were benches in the shade. We enjoyed our meal, listened to some tunes, and delayed the climb back up to the sixth floor for a little while

We did have to hike back up to work eventually but the food, fresh air, and entertainment were well worth the sweat and heavy breathing. And, before running, I would have avoided this little adventure, so I'm grateful for that.

Today's workout: 18 flights of stairs and a 6.22 mile run with 4 miles at half marathon pace (semi-adjusted for heat)

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