This morning I got lost driving to a place I've gone almost every weekend for several months. I don't know what happened. My mind must have been wandering because I missed my exit and didn't realize it until I'd already driven about five miles out of my way.

I don't own a smart phone and I didn't have my car GPS with me. It took me nearly forty-five minutes more than it should have to navigate my way back to the trail head. I nearly started crying because all I could think about was how it was getting hotter and hotter with each passing minute.

I'd planned to be on the trail by 5:15, at the latest. I wasn't even parked until 6:20.

I started, anyway, fully intending to still complete 18 miles, assuming the 50 ounces of Gatorade and 50 ounces of water would get me through even though I was going to be running in a higher than expected temperature.

Normally, I run a 3/1 run/walk ratio. I adjusted to 1:30/1 and got started. For the first 6 miles, that worked. Then the sun started to pound on me and I switched the run/walk portions. That worked well for another couple of miles.

Then, at mile 8, as I was approaching the part of the trail with the least shade, I realized my Gatorade was completely gone. My additional water supply was still 2.5 miles away. And I was feeling wrecked.

Also, my shoes were not feeling great. I think this is it for me and Altras. I'm sad about the parting but, somehow, they just don't work with my feet. Maybe I'll try them again someday.

I gutted it out for the last couple of miles, walking A LOT, and was more grateful than I can say to get back to my car, then back to my house where a cool shower and breakfast awaited. Mmmm... chocolate milk.

I keep hearing that "summer miles bring fall smiles." Hoo boy, that saying better be accurate or I will rage. Quietly. To myself.

And, since I like to reward myself with food (another bad habit I need to start working on), today's debacle of a run will be soothed with my favorites from the Wegmans Wokery. Even though the run sucked, it still earned me 1450 extra calories for the day. So, there are perks.
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