I Don't Like To Do Things

As I sat to write this and tried to think of something to type, I realized that I might need to start doing stuff that's worth reading about.

Today I...
woke up a little after 6.
wrote some boring stuff in my journal.
watched an episode of the newest show I've become obsessed with, Miranda. Best. British. SitCom. Ever.
ate some breakfast.
tidied other bits of the apartment.
watched twelve, that's 12, more episodes of Miranda. (Did I mention I love this show?)
made some lunch as a break from watching Miranda.
had Burger King for dinner.

And, now, I'm sitting in my fluffy, blue plaid chair watching Supernatural (for the umpteenth time - I've started having dreams about Sam and Dean on a regular basis), and thinking about my long run tomorrow.

Of course, there's plenty of putzing on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day, too. I have almost no IRL social life. Most of the people I'd choose to spend time with are scattered about the country and sometimes I wonder if I prefer it that way. And running has conveniently allowed me to turn down many invitations due to early wake-up times.

I like being at home. I'm comfortable being by myself. But...

I need to start meeting people and doing things for many reasons, including a) I want to live a full life with real, regular, non-work-related human interaction and b) I'd like a real reason to write so that you don't get bored reading recitations of my everyday activities.

Or, maybe I'll just start making things up. Most of you will never know the difference.
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