I don't really like trying new things. New things make me nervous and annoyed and grumpy. I'm trying to get better at that, though. So, in that vein, I gave Gymagogo a shot. It didn't hurt that, currently, the service is free.

It's an interesting concept: You sign up for an online fitness class during which you and the instructor can see each other via webcam. It's a cross between a workout video (privacy of your own home) and a class at a gym (encouragement and correction from an instructor).

I signed up for my class on Saturday. Between then and the tonight, I got five different emails with reminders and tips for setting up my workout space. I appreciated the attention to detail. I tend to be the kind of person who doesn't need many reminders but I can see how many people would find it useful.

Set-up was incredibly easy. There was a little button on their site that allowed you to make sure your system was up to snuff. The reminders they sent helped me get a plug-in I needed.

About half an hour before my class, I got another reminder with a simple button that took me straight to the class. The class started on time and my instructor for beginner yoga, Julia, was ready to go. She'd clearly taught a class this way before and had the kinks worked out. Throughout the entire class, Julia addressed me and the other student by name regularly, offering praise when appropriate and helpful instruction when necessary. She even took the time to demonstrate a modification when I couldn't accomplish a particular transition with good form. At the end, Julia took a few moments to ask if we had any questions and how our practice had been.

The one thing I would do to improve the experience would be to make it possible to hear the other participants or, at least, know when the other participants are speaking just because it was a little awkward to sit through one-sided conversations.

I'd say Gymagogo is worth a try. The classes they currently offer are yoga, Pilates, abs, and bodyweight boot camp. For the most part, the classes are scheduled in the evening. I plan to try a few more classes before I give a ringing endorsement. As of now, I'd say you should check it out, take a class, and let me know what you think.

True workout confession: I almost forgot to mention the 4.5 miles I ran in 100 degree heat. I'm such a bad mamma jamma!
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