I Ran Tonight.

Brooks PureConnect: SHINY!
There were 8 miles on my training schedule.

I waited and waited and waited for the temperature and the sun to go down.

At 8:30 it was still close to 90F but I sucked it up and put on my running duds. An upside of running in the heat is how little clothing one can wear to do so.

I pounded out three hilly miles and proclaimed it good.

I'm working on phasing out walk breaks, so I was thrilled when I approached the mile mark and was still feeling strong.

This was my first run wearing Brooks PureConnect. I'll wear them a few more times and during at least one long run before I offer any strong opinions. So far, I find them comfortable and light.

By the time I got home, I was dripping sweat. I can't even describe how grateful I am for air conditioning and ice right now.

I'll sleep well tonight.

I guess that was my true workout confession for the day. Oh, I also did five flights of stairs...now one of our elevators is fixed. Will I keep using the stairs? Maybe at least once a day.
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