Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Apparently, this is a phrase that Jillian Michaels uses. In my online running group, we say, "Suck it up, platypus!" or SIUP!* The way Jillian says it might be a little kinder but, most of the time, kindness isn't enough to get me out of my comfort zone. What I need is a kick in the behind.

Either way, the point of both mantras is that if a person wants to improve, to do something great, he or she is going to have to do some things that feel really uncomfortable.

If I want to run faster, I'm going to have to run faster. It won't be easy at first. In fact, it will probably feel terrible at first. But, as I do it more, as I train my body, it will become easier. I have evidence that this is true because it's already happened: A year ago, running for 30 minutes straight or breaking a 10-minute mile was impossible. Now, I'm challenged by these tasks but not intimidated by them. I got comfortable being uncomfortable.

If I want to lose weight, I'm going to have to eat differently or more differently. It's not as if I'm eating terribly but over the years, I've developed a lot of food habits. Some of them are good but a lot of them are not as good. I find something I like and then I want all of it or I want it all the time. It may take years, but I need to find new healthier habits to replace the old. I've done this before - it's how I lost the first 70 pounds - and it got easier. My overall diet is drastically improved from what it was a year ago. I got comfortable being uncomfortable.

It's only by getting out of my comfort zone that I'm going to accomplish everything I want to. Sometimes this thought makes me incredibly excited. At the moment, I'm completely freaked.

What have you accomplished by sucking it up and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable?

*Some say "Suck it up, princess!" or "Suck it up, buttercup!" but I'm more comfortable with a gender neutral term and SIUP sounds better in my head than SIUB.

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