It Was Bound to Happen

I forgot to blog yesterday. I think the main reason I forgot is because I've been feeling embarrassed and inadequate. It's been a little over a week since I announced my BIG PLAN and, so far, it's been sort of a bust, not a complete bust, but at least partly.

There are a lot of reasons, heat and humidity being the two biggest. I can't blame it all on the weather, though. I also haven't been fully committed. I've still been enjoying running when I do it but I think I might be getting to the point when I start looking for the next thing I want to do that will gradually replace this thing.

My waning interest always happens at the same point in the hobby/habit life cycle: the plateau - when I know that it will take a little, perhaps a lot, of extra something to get to the next level. I like being good at things and the thought of trying and failing scares me more than it should. Unfortunately, the thought of not getting better frustrates and annoys me. I stop pushing due to fear of failure, get bored, and move on.

At this point in my fitness journey, my weight and running pace have both plateaued.

I know it's summer; I should probably wait until the temperatures cool to make any judgments about my speed. The problem is that understanding that doesn't make me feel better at this moment. And it's at this moment that I need to find the strength and commitment to keep moving forward even though I'm not "feelin' it" and the improvement curve isn't as steep as it once was.

Fortunately, for my waistline, I've already paid for races through May 2014, so I'll keep training. The question is this: Will I just push through until there are no more paid-for races to feel guilty about or will I pursue excellence at whatever level I can achieve, remembering that running has been a source of joy in my life?

Have you encountered a plateau before? What helped you get through it? Are you in one now? What's stopping you from pushing?
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