Big Talk

After all my big talk last week, I really got on the ball. I started reintroducing strength training and yoga in my fitness routine. Yay!

Turns out, I reintroduced it a bit too vigorously. My vigor, combined with the increased stair climbing at work, left me in a sad state by Saturday afternoon, when I realized that going for a long run on Sunday was probably not a good idea.

My left hamstring felt bad - on-the-verge-of-injury type ouchie. So, instead of running sixteen miles on Sunday, I took a day off. Not that I laid around like a lump or anything; I did my normal Sunday errands. For most of the day, though, I couldn't tell if movement was helping or hurting the pain.

Fortunately, when I woke up this morning, the pain was noticeably less but it seemed wise to take my normal rest day and monitor the situation carefully. In a little while, I'll apply some ice and maybe do a little foam rollin'. I'm confident that I'll be able to go out for my regularly scheduled run tomorrow with no ill effects.

This bump in the road gave me a little reminder about humility and common sense. Just like every other person who has ever slacked off in their fitness routine, I am going to have to work back up to my former strength gradually or I'll get injured and be laid off.

So, I will do strength and yoga this week, but I'll be going back to my pre-badass routines and building a base before I jump back into the harder stuff. This should teach me not to slack ever again. But it probably won't.

Have you ever jumped into/back into an exercise routine too quickly? Did your body smack you down? Did you rest or just push through the pain?
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