Before It Goes Bad

I go grocery shopping almost every week. Before I go, I plan my meals, make a list, and decide where I will buy each item. This is a complex decision-making process that I enjoy very much.

But, best laid plans often go awry, and instead of eating chicken and vegetables for dinner, I eat out several nights or the yogurt parfait snacks I dreamed of are replaced by workplace ice cream and cake parties.

So, on days like today, I find leftover ingredients in my fridge, just on the verge of going bad. As my roommate and I were watching, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Tula was talking about all of the Loud Breeding Greek Eaters, I decided the time had come to do something to save my almost bad chicken.

So, I got the package out, liberally salted and peppered, heated some olive oil in a large pan, and slowly sauteed the lovelies.

As they were finishing, I remembered the blueberries in the produce drawer. After picking out the few moldy ones, I dumped all of them into a small sauce pan, added some honey and a little water, and let the whole mess bubble away until I had a lovely, thick blueberry sauce I'll add to my yogurt.

Blueberries and honey
When I turned around to dump the sauce into a container, I noticed the four heavily-speckled bananas sitting on the counter. My first thought was to freeze them for later but then I remembered I already have a gallon bag filled with frozen bananas, so I smashed them up to make some jacked-up banana bread instead.

Too bad there's nothing else about to turn, I could do this all day.

Today's true workout confession: 25 minutes of light-duty yoga
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