Tomorrow Is Always a Day Away

I don't know about you, but I'm freaking fantastic at deciding I'll do things tomorrow.

Lately, I've been singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow" about two things:
  1. Strength training and stretching (two for the price of one!) and
  2. Better food choices
Turns out, tomorrow keeps getting ahead of me. Somehow, when I wake up, it's always today and tomorrow is, you guessed it, still a day away.

So, I skip the weights and eat more Taco Bell or eat half my calories by mid-morning or buy fried things for lunch instead of eating the delicious, healthy food I brought.

I'm beginning to notice that my running is suffering, body parts that were firm are becoming jiggly, and my weight loss has not just stopped, I think I've put a few pounds back on. The weight gain hasn't been drastic but it's noticeable and I can't continue blaming it on hormone fluctuations, as I'd like to. Since I could still healthily lose at least 40 more pounds, I would prefer to avoid re-gaining pounds I've already shed.

Until my race on Labor Day weekend, I am going to focus on reintegrating non-running activities, particularly weights, yoga, and Pilates, back into my workout regimen. At that point, I plan to have a routine in place that's working well enough that I can shift my focus to better food choices.

Two things will help me combat my mad procrastination skillz:
  1. A plan
  2. Accountability
The plan: My running schedule is in place (Tuesday/easy, Thursday/hard, Sunday/long). I am going to do weights on Wednesday and Friday using a plan that a FB friend developed for me. I'll do Pilates on Tuesday since it's an easy run and yoga on Saturday to get ready for the long run on Sunday. Monday will be my day of rest.

Accountability: Since I'm blogging every day, I will end each post with a true confession about my workout, starting today. I might also post on Twitter. If I start to slack or make excuses, give me hell!

Today's workout:12 flights of stairs (the elevators are out at work), 25 minutes walking, Jackie Warner's 30-Day Quick Start upper body, StrengthRunning's ITB Rehab and Core Workout.

By the way, I would love any recommendations for functional strength training routines. I have found a lot in books but still haven't discovered any on video. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Help!
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