My New Muffler!

About three months ago, I noticed that my car was getting louder. One of the things I love most about my car is its stealthy, cat-like ways, so the growing noise was a cause for irritation. Since it wasn't that loud, I decided repairs could wait.

Two months ago, after saving up very many pennies, I finally got new tires and brakes on my slightly noisier car. I probably should have gotten these things done long before I did - it would be completely appropriate for all readers of this blog to have a moment of silent gratitude that I did not die in my car before these new bobs were installed.

It was the day after these $700 worth of new bits were put on my car, that the noise suddenly took on a life of its own. The day after spending almost twice my monthly rent on my ol' rustbucket, it started complaining at me.

Well, I decided I would show that ol' thing who was boss and stubbornly drove it around as it roared and sobbed and kvetched at me, probably losing some of my hearing in the process. I just didn't want to spend another several hundred dollars before I actually had it, so I waited through about 5 paychecks.

Finally, this week, knowing that I would be driving many miles over the next few months, I decided it was time to get 'er fixed up. The repair was exactly what I expected and the cost was around what I'd estimated and, now, my car doesn't sound like it wants to eat me every time I turn the key in the ignition. I had almost forgotten how lovely a mostly silent drive can be.

To round out the loveliness of the day, I baked these loaves of banana bread and two others that don't look quite so pretty and will now pack for a weekend away with friends who will, by lucky happenstance, get to enjoy my jacked-up banana bread.

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