Things Are Looking Up

Yesterday didn't feel special in any way but, somehow, I feel like a cloud that's been hovering over me for a while now has lifted in the past 24 hours. I've even found myself thinking positively about situations that vexed me just a few days ago.

My impulse is to analyze this situation, to find what I've done or not done that created this change, but, for today, I'm just going to enjoy the shift and the fact that, to me, this is Friday. Woot five-day weekend!

Now I will leave you with an image of one book I made, which has brought me much joy.

700 glorious pages that I've almost completely filled with my scribblings.
I ran 3.39 miles today, averaging 12:29 pace but that was with a lot of walking. I didn't walk at all the first two miles and was at or below race pace the entire time. Felt good.
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