A Week Off

I took an entire week off of running. It was my intention to go out yesterday but, by the time I got home, I was wiped out and maybe a little bit lazy. Or, maybe, just maybe, I was experiencing a little bit of anxiety. Sometimes, after a few days off from running, I think I'm suddenly going to suck at it when I try again. Isn't it amazing how completely irrational emotions can be?

Yes, that is Old Bay seasoning. We're in Baltimore, hon.
Anyway, I went today. The weather was perfect. Instead of being completely drenched after a couple miles, as I have been during most runs of late, I was still only slightly damp when I finished 3 miles and dried off quickly. It wasn't a triumphant return to running but it was a good one.

Another thing I did today was to pick up my packet for the River Valley Run, my first ever trail race and my first ever 10k. First ever means that no matter how slowly I need to go in order to not fall on my face, it will be an automatic PR! It's this Saturday, starting at 8 a.m. (Good thing I just looked that up - I thought it was on Sunday.)

Also, I have officially begin tapering for my longest race ever, which takes place on September 1. It's sort of a long taper because I've been using a marathon plan. I doubt the easier runs will hurt my performance. I'm going to start praying right now for early morning temps in the high 40s. It's not likely to happen but I can ask, right?

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