Just Brunch

What do you blog about when the social activities you've participated in that day were a quick stop at the farmer's market and brunch with your roommate and a few friends?

I guess there could be a long philosophical post about some important topic but I'm just not into that.

Instead, I'll mention that with six dollars in cash, the only thing I cared about was finding the one tomato stand that gives free samples and, therefore, clearly has the best tomatoes. Seriously, they are scrumptious.

Then I'll note that I bought three heads of garlic with my last dollar. Tomatoes and garlic... definitely staples in my book.

Since this post hasn't put me to sleep, I'll mention that brunch at Marie Louise was pleasant. Then I will regale you with descriptions of the gorgeous French toast I ate and Orchard Tea, which seemed to be a fancier version of the Long Island Iced Tea, I drank. And then I will make a joke about how you all shouldn't worry because my roommate was driving.

When they still looked and sounded like real people.
Then, I'll pretend that the rest of the day that I spent aprawled in a comfy chair in my bedroom, watching Supernatural, playing solitaire, and checking Facebook didn't exist even though I really enjoyed those parts, too.

With that out of the way, I'll go back to watching Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki "saving people, hunting things. The family business"
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