My Baby Toe Is Broken

This afternoon, I was tidying my room a bit. I was almost done. There were only four or five more things to put in their places. As I turned to put something on my bookshelves, I cracked my baby toe against my bed frame. Such events are not uncommon for me but I immediately knew that something was different about this stubbing incident.

Usually, my toe would hurt like a beast for about ten seconds, fade into a dull ache for another minute or so, and then return to normal. Today, the initial hit was barely painful. Then, as my toe swelled over the next several hours, the pain came.

This is definitely not my first time at this rodeo. The women in my family are expert toe-breakers. You should see my mom's mangled feet. I've probably broken each baby toe at least once. And, did you know, I have a permanently broken bone in my left foot. Yeah, I limped on that bad boy for much of my sixteenth year and never knew it was broken until a year ago.

Anyway, when someone mentioned going to the doctor, I thought, "Huh? That's a thought. What would the doc do? Tape my toe... I can do that. Doctor...pshhhh."

So, I've been resting (skipped my run this afternoon), icing, and elevating, and am considering wearing my compression socks to bed.

*light bulb* You know what I just realized? For my whole life, I've told people that I'd never broken a bone - except maybe an errant toe. I've been lying to people for half my life and I didn't even know it!

If it bruises beautifully, I will post a pic tomorrow. You're on the edge of your seat now, right?!

Ewww...I just googled broken toe images. Don't try that at home!

Any other clutzes out there who enjoy breaking their body parts?
When did you break your first bone?
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