Awesome Things About Today

  • When I was getting melodramatic about a needed trip to the bank to deposit a check, I remembered that I could do a mobile deposit using my iPod. Score!
  • My first two place settings of Fiestaware arrived: peacock blue and white! They are very pretty and I look forward to completing a multi-colored setting for eight over the coming months/years. I've already been warned about the dangers of Fiestaware addiction. Don't fret; I'll be careful.
  • I decided not to run today and didn't feel guilty about it and, more importantly, didn't go into histrionics thinking that not running today was a precursor to quitting. I like running. I will keep doing it. Just not today.
  • My salad at lunch was all pinkish-red from the gorgeous roasted beets I threw in it. I heart salad. Don't ever let me forget that again.
  • I got a ton of stuff done at work - nothing earth-shattering but stuff that needed to be done before my upcoming 5-day jaunt up north.
It was a good day. They happen more often than I let on. :)

What was awesome about your day?
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