Having cantankerously lived at a weight loss and fitness plateau for the summer, I'm ready to stop kvetching about it, pack up my gear, and get moving to the next plateau. It will take some work, moving always does, but I'm ready.

I ate my last Taco Bell for at least a week yesterday. I planned my meals for the coming week and got the requisite groceries this morning. I went on a 7-mile run this afternoon.

While I was in the shower, I decided there are four criteria I'm going to track, over the next however-long-it-takes, as indicators of how I'm doing in my journey toward better health. They are, in order of importance:
  1. how I feel,
  2. how closely I'm following my training plan,
  3. how my clothes are fitting, and
  4. how much I weigh.
Number 4 is a new addition to the list that I've been resisting for a while. I haven't yet decided if I will report the number to you, my faithful readers, but I am going to step on a scale once a week, no more and no less, and use it as one way to track my success.

It's important to me that a number on a scale be only one, and not the first, criteria for measuring success because I know how different that number can be based on muscle mass, recent long runs, illness, time of the month, etc. and so forth. That's it's for tonight, folks.

T - 7 days until the 18.12 Challenge

How do you measure your health and fitness success?
Do you weigh yourself frequently, hardly ever, on a regular schedule, haphazardly, only at the doctor's office?
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