Yes, I Took That Photo

Great Point Lighthouse, Nantucket, MA
Around this time four years ago, I was flitting around the beaches of Nantucket with three kids and their mom. I was the nanny.

My two favorite things were Great Point (shown above) and Bartlett's Farm.

Often, when I had a little time off and access to the car, I would drive the few miles down the road to the Farm to get a gigantic carrot cake muffin and some expensive Voss sparkling water. Then I would head to the beach and enjoy it while watching the surf.

Great Point was a little more complicated. A four-wheel drive vehicle was necessary. There was a ritual involved of deflating the SUV's tires to drive out on the sand and re-inflating just before getting back on pavement. Once you were there, though, you knew it was well worth the effort to enjoy the peace and beauty of this place that seemed so far from civilization. Unfortunately, I couldn't go by myself...

Thus ends my reminiscence.
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