In Case You Care About What I Eat

So, a few weeks ago, I made some commitments about my eating:
  1. to buy sufficient salad fixings for at least one meal per day,
  2. to not eat any fast food, and
  3. to not drink more than one soda per day.
I said I'd report back on September 2 but I didn't because I forgot. Just like I forgot that I was going to weigh myself every Wednesday until two Wednesdays had passed.

Well, here's my report, then. Since August 26, when my commitment went into effect:
  1. I have made and eaten salads on all but 4 days.
  2. I didn't eat fast food between August 26 and August 31. I had Taco Bell after my big race (flouting the importance of quality recovery food) and the week of September 2-8, I ate fast food almost every day.
  3. When I don't eat out, I don't drink soda. So, since August 26, I've only had more than one soda in a given day twice. One of those incidents was at a restaurant where I automatically said "yes" when asked if I wanted a refill.
For this week (9/9-15/2013), I've committed to
  1. at least one salad per day (I'm making them a few days ahead in mason jars),
  2. preparing all my own meals, except for a couple planned outings,
  3. continuing to drink no more than one soda per day, and
  4. not eating when I'm confusing bored for hungry.
Lists are fun! I will check in again about food on 9/16.
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