Marathon Plans

So, I'm a nerd and my nerdiness has a tendency to overflow into all aspects of my life. Other people might just enjoy a hobby or sport or whatever... but I have to research them. I love reading about it all, looking over diagrams, and learning everything I can.

Right now, I'm in the midst of my running thing. I'm starting to look into the best training plan for the marathon I want to do next summer.

I've been finding that a lot of the typical running advice is contradicted in training plans. The most glaring example of this is the weekend long run. Coaches and magazines and websites and seasoned runners will say that the weekend long run should be only 25-30% of a runner's mileage for the week. Then, the plans they put together have long runs that consist of 50% or more of weekly mileage. URGH!

Anyway, I have been hearing about Hanson's Marathon Method and decided to read it. I'm getting into it. Nothing to report yet but I'm sure I'll geek out about it as I read.
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