My Legs Are Coming Back

Today's run was my second since the 18.12 Challenge. Saturday's 1.5 was pretty grueling. 3.38 today left me feeling tired but not completely exhausted. I'm not saying I broke any records. In fact, I was slow. The point is that I was glad to get out there and it felt good to do it.

My roommate was running 6 and I had to wait for her to drive me home, so I did some push-ups to fill the time. Go me!

I had a good eating day, too. The pop tart around 3 p.m. wasn't a great choice but it was the only blip in a day of healthy (and delicious!) choices. Dinner was the topper: chicken breast, cauliflower, half an avocado, and plenty of verde salsa. The avocado was better than butter on the veg.

My left shin is a little achy - really not sure why that is but I'm not going to worry about that unless it gets worse or continues for more than a week.

I ordered Hansons Marathon Method through Interlibrary Loan today. Woot for not paying for books before I get to read them! I'm beginning the search for a marathon plan to follow. Since the marathon I'm hoping to do isn't until next July, I've got plenty of time to do some research.

Which plan did you use for your first marathon? Subsequent races?
How long do you give yourself to recover from a big race? What does your recovery look like?
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