What I Learned in 18 Miles

  • Even if your favorite shorts didn't chafe when you ran 16 miles in them, use some anti-chafe stuff, anyway. Better safe than open stinging wounds in the shower.
  • 84 degrees F and 90% humidity forces a person to slow way down... or puke... or faint. It's really up to each individual.
  • If your body tries to start crying in the last mile but can't produce any tears because you're so dehydrated, stop at the medical tent when you finish.
  • If you normally sweat heavily after finishing but aren't sweating at all in 84F, stop at the medical tent.
  • If you would usually seek food immediately after a run but completely forget it's even an option when you cross the line, stop at the medical tent.
  • There's a trend here... I should have stopped at the medical tent. Unfortunately, I didn't make that determination until 3 hours later, while doing a race rehash with my mother.
  • Take pictures of fun things even if they will be blurry because you don't want to stop running - it will help you remember you DID have fun.
  • If you schedule any extra days off around the race that aren't planned for travel, make sure at least one of them is the day after the race. Driving for 7 hours after running 18 hard miles is NOT ideal.
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