Apologizing to My Food

There are some foods that, after I eat them, I feel like I should apologize to real food. The fact that they are even called "food" is insulting to the real deal. These items may have come from the by-products of something that could be considered food but, but the time I am shoving them into my mouth by the fistful, they have been so processed that they barely have a family resemblance to the plant or animal from which they originated. In fact, these somewhat edible items could be considered the great-great-great-grandchildren of food. Of course, somewhere in the lineage, there were also several ill-advised marriages with dyes and artificial flavors and maybe some plastic.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been making an effort not to eat fast food but I'm beginning to realize there are plenty of other "foods" I buy and keep in the house that may be even worse than some of the choices I make at McDonald's or Taco Bell.

Two from today were a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tart (which doesn't taste like cinnamon at all) and some Cheetos Puffs.

I could have eaten the entire bag by myself. They say they're made with real cheese!
Look, the package even says they're a good source of 7 VITAMINS AND MINERALS!!!
 Last week, I committed to four things:
  1. at least one salad per day (CHECK! except for Friday),
  2. preparing all my own meals, except for a couple planned outings (CHECK!),
  3. continuing to drink no more than one soda per day (CHECK! - handled, going off the list)
  4. not eating when I'm confusing bored for hungry (maybe not so much check...)
For this coming week, I will commit to:
  1. preparing my own meals except for three planned outings,
  2. avoiding "foods" that make me want to apologize to real food, whether in restaurants or the grocery store, and
  3. choosing at least two new, healthier recipes to make next week.
Yay food! It's good stuff and I'd like to eat more of it rather than constantly snarfing its misbehaving distant relatives.
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