I Love Other Things

Especially if you are a new reader (Welcome, btw!), you may find this hard to believe but I love to do and talk about things other than running. This weekend, while I was in northern NY for my longest run ever, I also got down to the last pages in my current journal - scribbling my thoughts is therapeutic for me. There is enough space for a few more days but I will need a new one shortly.

My current journal before I started filling it in October 2012: 704 beautiful pages
Beaten up and filled to bursting after almost a year.
Though I have plenty of paper at home, I took a trip to Michaels to scope out their paper selection. It had been at least a year since I'd made any paper purchases and with all my recent purging of stuff, I felt okay poking around the scrapbook section.

Can you imagine my surprise when I found some paper than I loved? Nevermind, I wasn't surprised at all. I almost always find at least one thing that I love. This time, I found four.

There was the superhero-themed paper with foil accents. Can I help it that I thought such designs would make the *perfect* training log? Didn't buy it.

There was also one called Trader Jane. I'm a sucker for bright colors, bold patters, and elephants. Didn't buy it.

What I did get were the two stacks pictured below. Together, they cost me as much as I would have paid for the other two stacks individually. And now I'm daydreaming and scheming about what my next journal will look like.

Bright, bold patterns, cows, apples, and flowers
I think I'll get a little fancier than normal with the covers and also cut everything to the slightly odd size of 6x12, instead of my typical 6x6 or 6x9. Maybe I'll make it a mere 500 pages this time. We shall see...

I haven't made any books in a while but I think this will be quite a fun project for woman with no weekend plans and a bedroom that's already clean.

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