The Cycle of Life - BLURG!

Does anyone else feel like a stupid jerk when you realize that half the reason you're in a slump is because of stupid, stupid hormones? Then, one day, you start to feel better. THEN you realize that it's a certain day of the month. THEN you bang your head into your desk because you've been whining and whining and whining about being in a slump and you suddenly realize that All. The. Negative. Feelings. (or almost all of them) were related to the fact that you are a woman with a regular and sometimes annoying hormonal cycle. The only downside of running has been the increased intensity and regularity of the hormone cycle!!!

Now I'm even whining about being a woman with a menstrual cycle. I'm going to stop right there and move on to the announcement that my outlook seems to be improving. Yesterday, I even felt like running. The moment was fleeting and didn't lead to any actual running but it was encouraging and led to all sorts of other positive thoughts.

This morning, I saw this picture on Facebook:
Posted by Run the Edge, credited back to Maratono do Rio
And it reminded me of how I felt the first time I ran three miles, then first time I crossed the finish line of a race, the first time I was injured from running, the first time I completed a half marathon... It reminded me of the feeling of accomplishment that I've had after almost every run ever. For the first time in a couple of months, I'm actually looking forward to my next run: 6 miles on Saturday!

Now, the challenge is to find a way to remind myself of what's really going on the next time I'm all Debbie Downer about life. Any tips?
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