I Have Come to a Decision

I don't hate running but I am in a slump.

I've been thinking about all the races I'm signed up for over the next several weeks and came to a decision. They are all going to be for fun. As long as I have a good time and finish, I will be happy. If I manage to take some pictures along the way, even better!

I am not going to try for a personal record at any of them. I won't try to go slower than I have before but I'm not going to push myself to be faster either. It would be fun to surprise myself with a great time at any or all of them but I'm not going to live with that hanging over me.

In July 2012, something prompted me to begin exercising every day. For a while, I was working out morning and evening six days a week. Right now, I don't feel that drive but I guess that just means I need to suck it up and keep moving.

I am going to keep running but I'm going to cut back on the distances and be more intentional about other physical activities that I enjoy so that gearing up for races again when late winter rolls around is something to look forward to rather than dread.

Call me crazy but I think this plan might actually work.
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