There was a party in Brown last night. I didn't take any pictures because it was supposed to get really crazy. However, it was nipped in the bud before anything truly crazy could happen. The music was loud, yes. People were hanging out in the hall, sure. But was it really necessary to threaten a call to the police?

Fortunately, the weirdness at the end of the party didn't affect my evening. Jordan, Matt, Joshy, Lydia and I migrated to my room to listen to some good music and play cards, euchre to be exact. Matt and I won, but I promised I wouldn't rub it in...

After euchre, we played some Dutch Blitz, a vonderful good game. I was also inspired to pick up my guitar again...something I didn't do much while I was living in Arlington. That's what I'm going to do right now, actually, before I read an article that questions Lincoln's sexuality and study the 'brew.
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