At the beginning of my first year at Houghton, I spent hours socializing and not a whole lot of time hitting the books. Slacker wouldn't be the right word; I just wanted to make friends. I am an introvert, but that doesn't mean I always like to be alone. At the outset of my career here at PTS, I'm making similar choices.

Read about Abe Lincoln or watch a movie with friends? Movie, of course! There's no contest. Learn Hebrew vocab for a quiz on Monday or watch a football game? Hey, I don't much care for football and I don't know who's playing, but gooooo team! (Though, I couldn't find where the game was tonight...)

It's perfectly natural and healthy to spend time making new friends. Prioritizing relationships over schoolwork makes sense to me. I just hope my overachiever's heart isn't broken when I get my grades back at the end of the semester... On the other hand, if that does happen, at least I'll have some shoulders to cry on.
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