Completely Embarrassed

I knew I had two papers to write tonight. One was going to be four pages and one was going to be two. Six pages in an afternoon, no problem. But, wait...that four page one was actually supposed to be ten to twelve pages. Woot! I read the syllabus wrong.

So, now, instead of handing in four thrown together pages for one of my classes, I'm handing in nine and a half pages of thrown together trash. What a way to start with a new professor. It's a good thing I don't want to focus on Christian education.

I also had my meeting with Chester Polk in the Field Ed office today. The end result of that meeting was much better than the end result of this paper will be. It looks like the current plan is to do a Year Long Placement in Scotland after my middler year. That means I will graduate a year later than previously planned, but it will also mean an entire year in Scotland. Then I hope to do a summer placement with the Christian Ministry in the National Parks, hopefully, somewhere out west.

Okay, back to this complete embarassment of a paper. I'm almost finished and I don't want to prolong the pain...
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