Go, PC Load Letter!!!

Intramural flag football is taken seriously here at PTS. Teams stay together for three years, they develope set plays, they come up with team cheers. It's fun, but sometimes it gets a little intense. A couple of my teammates got hit pretty hard (in a non-contact league). I suppose it can be difficult to stop on wet grass when you're barreling toward a person at full speed... Maybe when we get to be seniors, we'll feel free to tackle people, too?

My team, PC Load Letter, had a double header today. The first team we played clobbered us, but we started getting better by the end, I'm told that's what matters. Since I don't have a competitive bone in my body, I take their word for it. Fortunately, the folks on my team are laid back, playing to win, but also genuinely out there to have fun. We also lost our second game, too, but it was very close. Our team is really starting to gel. A couple women on the team made some amazing plays. I think Melissa made multiple interceptions. (Any teammates who read this may feel free to correct me.) And, let me tell you, she's a runner. The guys definitely put their all into the game, too. They definitely rock it, while making a conscious effort to make sure the women on the field are not just there to fill out the roster.

As a celebration after the games, we all went out to Chick-fil-a. Football + chicken sandwiches and waffle fries + a large group of sweaty, dirty seminary students in the mall = beautiful! I'm so glad I joined a team. Maybe I'll have to get involved in ultimate frisbee this spring...
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