Enforced Hiatus...

So, it's not that I don't want to blog, it's that whenever I sit down at my computer to play around, I begin to feel guilty and think about the ten million other things I should be doing.

For instance, right now, I should be reading a case study for my class at 3:30, checking over my Hebrew worksheet for precept at 2:30, studying Hebrew vocab and rules, and getting some sleep.

I'm exhausted. Actually, I'm past the point of exhausted and on to being punchy and slightly jittery. I don't even drink coffee and I have the shakes! Hopefully, my newly reformed habit of going to the gym will help me to sleep better and give me more energy. If not, maybe I will have to begin a coffee drinking habit.

On a side note, the sermon in chapel today referenced blogging. I saw at least three or four people swivel around searching for my bloggy face. Makes me laugh.
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