Yahoo! Widgets

Yesterday, while I was trying to find a website that would help me identify some of the flowers I've photographed recently, I somehow stumbled across Yahoo! Widgets. I don't have a Mac, but through the power of Yahoo! I now have widgets. Awesome!

Right now I have about eight widgets. The clock, calendar and notepad are standard. I have another that streams Flickr photos, which allows me to not only view other people's photos, but upload and edit my own. Another shows me the weather via The Weather Channel's website. One gives me a dock for all my shortcuts that is a lot prettier than the Windows toolbar, one is a sticky note pad that allows me to leave myself little reminders and a third shows the strength of the wireless signal I'm using. I can even search Google without opening my web browser.

Anyway, for all of you PC owners who have envied the Mac widgets, there is simple, elegant alternative. One problem, though, I still can't identify the flowers in my pictures.
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