Passover: Only One Week Late

Last night, we celebrated Passover. We read some prayers, retold the story of the Exodus from Egypt, sang some songs, drank lots of wine and ate a wonderful meal. (Click on the picture at the right to see a slideshow of our evening.)

It all began around 2:30, when Jordan and I headed over to the CRW apartments to begin preparation for the meal. It took nearly four hours to grate the potatoes and onions and fry the latkes, grill the honey lime chicken, chop the apples and walnuts for the charoset, and steam the broccoli.

The seder began around 6:30. Including me and Jordan, there were nine people in attendance. Each person brought their own bottle of wine. I'm not a fan of most wine that I've had, but last night I discovered that I love Manischewitz wine. It is incredibly sweet and very grape-y. People who like wine would probably hate this stuff, but I drank almost an entire bottle of my alcoholic grape juice. Mmmmm...

Jordan modified the Haggadah so that it wouldn't take five hours. The whole event was very interactive, with each of us reading different parts at various times. He didn't modify it to make it Messianic, we simply celebrated the beauty of the Jewish traditions. He also didn't take out any of the glasses of wine, so several of our friends got a little tipsy.

When the celebration was over, Lydia had a craving for a ice cream cookie sandwich, so a bunch of us took a trip to Halo Pub, where we enjoyed some tasty ice cream. It was a wonderful evening, with some of the best fellowship I've had in a while. There's something beautiful about gathering around food in worship.
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