Sad Day

There is a sad day in the near future. It will arrive at my doorstep in less than a month. And that day is moving day. For a while, I was planning to stay in Princeton during the eight weeks between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of summer language, but then I found out how much it would cost to pursue such a plan. I can't justify $640 in room, plus any money I would have to spend on food, for the convenience of not having to pack up and store my stuff. So, I will be living with Jordan and his family for that two month period. I might not be able to find a job during that time, but at least I won't be spending ridiculous amounts of money to live in a third floor dorm room.

You may be wondering why this is such a sad event. Well, it's because I've got my stuff where I want it. It's all organized and pretty and I like it. But, soon, I will have to ruin it all. It feels like the moment after you finish a Lego creation and suddenly realize that, if you want to build something else, you will have deconstruct the masterpiece before you.

Seriously, check it out... above, you see my lovely desk, bureau, refrigerator layout. Functional and beautiful. I recently purchased a clock. It cost under $4, but with my own special touches, it looks like a million bucks (or, at least, ten). My photos and my books surround me, making a wonderful environment for study and looking like an awesome grad student. My refrigerator holds cold water for the nights that it is hot enough in my room that I sleep sans blanket.

And, to the left, you may observe my bookcase, papasan, bed set -up. It's a winning combination and I will be sad to see a naked bed and a lonely papasan when I leave it all for two months. I'm glad I thought to take pictures, so that when I get back here, I can set it all up again...exactly how I like it.
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