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Beginning with the seder on Friday, this weekend was busy and wonderful.

On Saturday morning, Jordan and I headed to Pennsburg to spend some time with his family. Matt and Daniel joined us later in the day. It was a nice change of venue since we've both been spending an inordinate amount of time staring at books and computer screens. I don't think any of us got as much work done as we would have liked, but it was still well worth the trip. Sarah was amused by the sight of all four of us sitting in the living room staring at our laptops. She took a few pictures of us socializing around our computer screens.

I think I gain five pounds every time we go to Jordan's house and this weekend was no exception. The wonderful food began with our lunch of bacon and cheese quiche. Sarah always likes to make special meals when there are guests. After lunch, we headed to Secret Spot to get gelati. It was good timing because the rain began only a few hours later.

Later in the afternoon, Jesse (Jordan's brother) and Josh (his friend from Maine) arrived with their dogs. Echoes, Josh's dog, is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. She looks a little scary, but she's very calm, especially compared to Sadie, and sweet. Her owner is an interesting guy. He built himself a house on some property he owns in Maine. His goal is to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and he's well on his way.

The weight gain continued with a dinner of falafel, which I made with a little help from Daniel, pita, made by Jordan, hummus, fresh greens from the garden and Jasmine rice, followed by a dessert of French apple pie, made by Sarah and indescribably good. By the end, everyone was shoving back from the table and unbuttoning his or her pants.

This morning, we went to breakfast at Powderbourne. Daniel was so excited to eat scrapple that he was literally giggling as we entered the restaurant. I can't imagine the attraction to something so vile, but he and Jordan each ate a healthy slice. Shortly after breakfast, Matt and Daniel returned to school. Jordan and I hung about Pennsburg until 4:30 or so when we took to the flooded roads to travel to his father's place in order to celebrate his twin stepbrothers' birthday with a dinner out at a Brazillian steakhouse. Nearly four hours later, I'm still full.

It was a great weekend...not a particularly productive one, but certainly a refreshing one.
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