It Happens Every Year...

...and every year I hate it.

Most people get very excited when the weather warm up each year. They bust out the shorts and tank tops and cute sundresses and prance about in the sunshine. Each day sees more and more students out on the quad playing frisbee, tossing a ball, pretending to read, etc. I, on the other hand, stay in my room to avoid sunburn and sweat.

It's not really that I mind sweating, it's that I don't like sweating for no reason. Running around sweating, that's fine. Standing still sweating, not fine.

Anyway, I will enjoy the next few months because they mean there are leaves and flowers. They mean I can swim and wear less clothing. They mean I have vacation (until Greek starts, at least).

But, I have to be honest, I will rejoice when I feel the first cool breeze of autumn and the leaves begin to change again.
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