The End of BGLASS Week

Yesterday was the last day of BGLASS Week. As part of the celebration, a bunch of us donned shirts of various colors that proclaimed boldly "CELEBRATE DIVERSITY," gathered in front of Miller Chapel, and got our picture taken. Fortunately for BGLASS, I've been taking my camera everywhere lately, so when the photographer didn't show up, we could still take the picture. Here it is...

Some people thought we were contradicting our message of diversity by organizing ourselves according to the colors of the rainbow, but my response to those people is, "The rainbow is pretty!" Click on the photo above to see some more pictures from the barbeque co-sponsored by BGLASS and the Southern Seminarians Society. Thank you to the folks who literally stayed up all night roasting the pig for the rest of us to enjoy.

At the conclusion of the barbeque, there was a worship service to commission the new moderators of BGLASS for next year, Amy Dame and Matt Querns. Amy is in the front row with the orange shirt and the skirt. Matt is in the front row wearing a blue shirt. The preacher who delivered the sermon is a gay man who's closeted in his congregation. I can't imagine living with that big a secret hanging over my head, but he seems hopeful that he won't always have to.

All in all, it seems like BGLASS week was a success. Next year, I think I'll be more involved in this organization.
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