Would Screaming Help?

I love Princeton, really, I do. It's been a good place for me this past year and I am sure I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life...blah blah blah.

But, sometimes I wonder if the administrative bureaucracy here needs a little talking to. We have a lot of resources here at PTS. A (space) lot. So, you would think that they might use some of those resources to bring the school's technology up to snuff. Well, you would be wrong.

Money that could be spent on making access to online resources faster and easier, they buy another book about why Daniel was written in the second century instead of the first or another person's take on liberation theology or the most up to date copy of John Bright's History of Israel with a few new pictures of the same old thing.

Obviously, these are things that should not be overlooked by an institution providing a theological education, but sometimes I think it might be nice if they put some of those things on the backburner in order to integrate technology more smoothly into student life. I can't imagine the tech people would get upset with the extra work because I bet they would love better technology even more than I would.

Think about it, PTS, you might want to compete with technology-conscious schools some day.

(This rant brought to you by the hour I wasted trying to print a passage in Hebrew so that I could do my translation homework for tomorrow, to no avail. Awesome!)
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