Happy Day

Yesterday, I lamented over the fact that I would soon have to "pack up my duds and scoot," so it's only fair that tonight I should share the reasons why moving day will also be a happy day. After all, I love spending time at Jordan's place. Let me tell you why...

1) I love the people. Jordan, his mom, his brother and all their crazy friends. I can't think of one time we've been there that we didn't have a great time. There are great conversations around the dinner table, occasional hockey, football, or baseball games to shout at, and plenty of card games. All the people fit. Everyone is welcome.

2) I love the animals. Sadie is the best dog I've ever met. Skylar is probably the cutest (though he doesn't officially live there anymore). The chinchilla is not only incredibly soft, but does a good job of driving the dogs crazy. And, the bunny, let's just say the bunny is my best friend.

3) I love the house. It's not huge or lavishly furnished, but it's simple and cozy and comfortable. When we're there, I never really want to leave; partly because it means coming back to school, but mostly because it's such a warm, homey place to be.

4) I love the food. Whenever we're in Pennsburg, we make and eat a lot of great food. Everything from great salads, straight from the garden, to falafel completely from scratch. There's something really satisfying about cooking food that everyone likes. We go out for good food, but only breakfast at Powderbourne and water ice at Secret Spot.

It's a good place. And even though going there for break will involve a lot of time and effort, it will be worth it.
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