A Walking Contradiction

I prefer self-checkout to cashiers, automated telephone systems or websites to customer service representatives, ATMs to bank tellers. If there is any way to complete a transaction with little or no human interaction, that is the way I choose.

At the same time, I decry the lack of community in American society. I'm irritated that people no longer smile and say hello on the street. It's bothersome that neighbors don't know each other's name, let alone enjoy each other's company.

I am a walking contradiction. I prefer the tidiness of non-human interaction. Clicking a box on my computer screen or punching a few buttons on my telephone is so much less demanding than going to a store or a bank. However, staying at home, staring at my computer is no way to foster the sense of community I desire.

Jordan has silently called me to account on this issue several times. He doesn't know it, but every time he goes to the bank instead of the ATM or exchanges a friendly word with a cashier, I am challenged to be more consistent. So, instead of making the typical New Year's resolutions to sleep more, exercise more, and eat less, I resolve to choose human interaction over non-human in as many situations as possible.

Happy New Year, everyone! What are your hopes for the New Year?
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