Fish Dish for Fish

Since yesterday was pay-what-you-wish day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Jordan and I decided to head out after church and take the train to Philly. We missed the 9:51 a.m. train by about thirty seconds, so we killed the next hour at Dunkin Donuts. Mmmmm...white hot chocolate.

We arrived at the 30th Street station around noon, ate our bag lunch, then walked directly to the PMA. Jordan and I both like the Impressionists, so we wandered around that area for a while.

There was an alcove in the contemporary art collection dedicated to Mircea Cantor, who was born in 1977. Four years older than me and she already has her art displayed in the PMA...

One of my favorite parts was the special exhibition of silversmiths which included this fish dish. Clever!

For more pictures of the stuff I enjoyed, including two unique renditions of the four seasons, click on the picture below, which features Jordan standing next to a miniature parking meter. What do you suppose you would park next to this thing? (Maybe there is a video camera set up nearby to catch people's reactions...)

P.S. Some day, try eating a hard pretzel while looking at a digital clock. Seriously trippy!
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