There Are Four More!

I didn't mean to let it happen... Emily watched 24 while I lived in Virginia with her and I tried my best to remain aloof while Jack was saving the world. And I did. I can honestly say that when I left Virginia, I had no desire or intention to continue watching 24.

But, last Sunday, around 7:30 p.m., we were having a dinner party at Lydia and Jeb's apartment (my newly-married, seminary friends) and in order to guarantee the attendance of several people, we had to promise they could watch 24. So, we watched.

And David Palmer's brother is president and Jack is back from Chinese prison and working with a former terrorist and that guy from Harold and Qumar is killing hicks and a nuclear bomb exploded really close to L.A. and THERE! ARE! FOUR! MORE!

...and it looks like I'll be watching Jack save the world one hour at a time this Spring.
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