Writing Papers

One of the worst feelings in my world is sitting down to write a paper and realizing that I don't have anything to say. Currently, I am writing a paper for my education class. The second half was a piece of cake: write a lesson plan. Done! The first half is proving a bit trickier because I have to suggest an initiative for the church I wrote my case study on and justify that initiative using certain methods. Blah!

I've written three of five pages of the first section and am determined to complete the rest before dinner, but I just don't have anything else to say!!!

This on top of the fact that my OT final is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. (I haven't studied a whole lot) and I have an 18 page paper (already written, but in need of another edit) due by 10 a.m... This is not going to be a good night.
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